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Some of the meals are renewed every 2 to 3 weeks.

Chose your meal(s) on the page: Our Products. Send your order until friday 12 p.m to be delivered on monday, and monday 12 p.m to be delivered on thursday.

The deliveries begins at 8 a.m, and you can receive it at home or office.

All the instructions are on the label.

Still we advise you (for most of the meals) to heat it up slowly in a pan and adding some olive oil instead of using a microwave.

Most of the meals are good for 5 days, delivery day included.

In case of doubt, double check the date on your label.

If you need an invoice, you can send us an email at: commandes@alphafood.be

Do not hesitate to reach us through Contact page or send us an email at: contact@alphafood.be