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Make your selection

Have a look at the menu, and choose the meal(s) you want. No minimum order required.

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We cook your meals

Healthy recipes, cooked with fresh, local and organic ingredients.

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We deliver

At home or on your workplace, on monday and thursday

repas préparés sains et équilibrés

Healthy Meals

The quality of the food we give our body is essential to its smooth running. This is why our recipes are created in collaboration with a dietitian, in order to cook healthy meals that take care of your body!

Des aliments locaux

Local Food

To ensure the quality and freshness of the food we use to cook, our supplies come as much as possible from organic & local farmers. We chose to work with them due to their ethics and production methods.

Simple, Fast, Eco

Get your meals delivered at home or in the office. They are all ready to be savoured. Heat it up for a few minutes or take it away no matter where you go thanks to their carton container.


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After trying quiet a few diet meals, I finally found healthy and tasty meals. Portions are generous and the customer service is great pleasant.
The Veau teriyaki et Poulet patate douce are excellent and from far my favorites!

Sue W.

The products are fresh and varied, top of the line quality, and it makes a huge difference. As an athlete and personal trainer, Alpha Food’s meals brings me everything I need while saving time in the kitchen, I’m a fan!

Nicolas G., MindFit