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In a world where what you feed with became something minor, where we are overwhelmed by junk food, and where we must change our way to consume, food shouldn’t be scarified. This is why Alpha Food conciliate health, pleasure and ecology, using fresh food from environmental friendly farming and as much as possible local, to cook delicious healthy meals to take away no matter where you go.

We are what we eat. Between fast food available everywhere, industrial products more altered than ever, or diet meals with ridiculous quantities, it’s easy to be lost and preparing an healthy meals can become a baffling problem.

At Alpha Food, we believe that an healthy diet shouldn’t be sacrificed because of a busy lifestyle or lake of ideas. We save you the troubles to find an healthy take away meal or taking the time to cook, thanks to our ready-to-go meals made from fresh food, mostly organic and as much as possible from our local farmers.

To insure the quality of our meals, we pay a particular attention to our suppliers. The organic certification is a positive point, but the work ethic and the production methods are more important to us.

We collaboration with a dietitian to create our recipes. Then we select our products, fresh, mainly directly at the farm. The meals are then cooked in a way to preserve the micronutrients naturally present in the food.
Finally, the meals are delivered 2 times per week in their recycled and recyclable container. You can chose between home and office delivery.

Our vision: With all the challenges facing humanity today, our way to consume should be questioned, including our food.

We want to offer a concrete solution in terms of healthy and balanced meals, but also short circuit.
An healthy and balanced diet helps keeping you in a better health, an organic diet contribute to save the environment, work in with local farmers contribute to a fairer world.

Eating becomes a pleasure again, while saving time and insuring the quality of your meals.

Discover our Healthy Meals

Our growers

La ferme de la Gagière

Olivier has first continued his parents’s exploitation, located in Neufchâteau.
Patricia and him have always grown vegetables for their own consumption. When she finished her other activity, they increased the production and turn to organic farming in 2009.

“Work the land in the most respectful way is a priority for us. It is our heritage, at our disposal during our lives then we transmit it to future generations.”

Nos fournisseurs ferme de la gagiere
Nos fournisseurs Potager Guimpoux

Le potager du Guimpoux

Florent Gailly is passionate about land working. Most certainly a family story, his parents are nursery growers, his uncle, great uncle and grandparents farmers.
After getting his degree as an agricultural technician, Florent went to an organic farm in Alsace to train to market gardening.

When coming when, he pursued his goals to grow healthy, fresh and tasty vegetables in our countries. He is now at the head of his organic farm in Paliseul.

En Direct De Mon Élevage

En Direct De Mon Élevage is a cooperative, independent at a political, syndical and an ideological level, founded after Veviba crisis.
There are now more than a hundred Walloon farmer financially unattached, who want to perpetuate the cattle farmer’s tradition that previous generation began in our villages.

They create a great alimentary production scheme, to insure the production of a high quality meat and use only know origin aliments, 100% local.
Their breed scheme is ideal at an environmentally speaking. In addition, the cattle maintain the grasslands, which provide some great carbon wells and protect groundwater from chemical contaminants.

The result is a tender meat, rich in vitamin, omega-3, natural antioxidants, and eco-friendly.

Nos fournisseurs EDDME
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